Music Worker, Composer, Instrument Designer



Installations developed by Wouter Jaspers on festivals or for performances:

Solo music releases:

Full-length albums, EPs, and live recordings as Wouter Jaspers but also as Franz Fjödor, Cock Cobra & A Cryptic Mantra:

Releases with Ezdanitoff (Frans de Waard & Wouter Jaspers)

Releases with Preliminary Saturation (Steffan de Turck & Wouter Jaspers)

Releases with Odd Narrative (Hainbach & Wouter Jaspers)

Releases with different ensembles and groups

Releases with Tom Smith / Wouter Jaspers

Releases with The Jim Morrisons (Bas Verbeek / Wouter Jaspers)

Works with Audrey Chen / Wouter Jaspers