Disciples of the Vatican


  1. The Blackest Oil 14:14
  2. Tension Transmission 09:19
  3. Organic Healing 10:03

Released by Vatican Analog
Listen and buy the record here: bandcamp


Review from Vital Weekly:

Its not that these boys, who make up Preliminary Saturation haven’t got anything else to do. Wouter Jaspers being Franz Fjodor and Steffan de Turck being Staplerfahrer, which is already 1 + 1 = 4, but then they are also the improvisation duo Preliminary Saturation. They jam, and they jam a lot. In their own houses, with wine and cigarettes at hand, with self-made instruments, microphones (some broken ones), a laptop, and they jam, but I might have said that. Pretty much what they do sounds a bit like Bjerga/Iversen, with whom they seem to share a similar esthetic. The totally free improvisation electronic music, the electro-acoustic guerilla, the drone end of sound, a bit of noise thrown in. All of that in pretty long pieces, but it sounds fairly o.k. I must admit I am not entirely blown away by it, but that’s perhaps because I think its a bit too free form and because it could use some more sharper editing, and shape the very best moments. But just like Bjerga/Iversen I’m convinced truly great works will come eventually. This is a step ahead. (FdW)


released October 17, 2008

Performed and recorded by Wouter Jaspers and Steffan de Turck
Mastered by Jos Smolders