Summer Breeze


  1. across the floor 17:27
  2. the house next door 17:04

Released by Muzan Editions
Listen and buy the record here: bandcamp


Wouter Jaspers returns to Muzan with his long time collaborator and friend Steffan de Turck as Preliminary Saturation. Summer Breeze is an ambient-noise album that lives up to its name for just how pleasurable it is to listen to. The music box melody that provides the main theme for “across the floor” functions as a soft counterpoint to the noises and drones that pulse and slide beneath it, evoking images of sunlight and slow stretching shadows. “the house next door” strikes a darker, more mysterious tone, with staggering synth melodies and cavernous drips filling the space and drawing the listener in deeper and deeper until everything gets stripped down. Here, hypnotic tones and repeating percussion are the minimal elements that seem to summon forth a spiritual dancefloor, beckoning us to move our feet.


releases May 28, 2021


Spring 2021

All sound recorded in 2020 by Steffan de Turck & Wouter Jaspers. Mixed by Wouter Jaspers.

Mastered by OVRSCN.
Artwork by Joshua Stefane.
Design and layout by Standard Grey.