Music Worker, Composer, Instrument Designer

This is release MFR100


  1. Kapotte Muziek 01:01
  2. Doc Wör Mirran 01:02
  3. QST 01:00
  4. Quest 00:59
  5. Howard Stelzer & Frans de Waard 01:03
  6. Shifts 01:07
  7. Goem 00:59
  8. Freiband 01:00
  9. Surge 00:32
  10. Wander 01:02
  11. Wieman 00:57
  12. THU20 01:01
  13. Bass Communion & Freiband 01:08
  14. The Tobacconists 01:10
  15. Ezdanitoff 01:01
  16. Modelbau 01:03
  17. WaSm 00:55
  18. Tech Riders 01:07
  19. Ruisch 00:57
  20. Hyster 00:57
  21. Asuna & Frans 00:32

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Track number 15 written and performed by Frans de Waard & Wouter Jaspers.

This is a special album, different from the previous Casiotone Compilation series.

Frans de Waard is the founder of the legendary noise group Kapotte Muziek, the owner of the Korm Plastics label, involved in the management of Staalplaat, a critic for Vital Weekly, the world’s first internet music magazine, and an artist from the Netherlands who has played and released under the name of many units.

He is still active in a lot of units, and now aotoao label has completed a special compilation album in which all the tracks are occupied by units under different names of Frans de Waard! This is a release to summarize and celebrate his work to long career. Please enjoy his musicality as revealed by Casiotone.


released November 10, 2021

Masterd by Nÿland at 4 & rising

Cover Drawings by Owen Ashworth (Advance Base)

released on aotoao label: