1. Bronze Overcast 05:44
  2. A Declining Day 06:42
  3. Parks 03:07
  4. Two Dreamers 03:48
  5. Karl-Marx Straße 07:35
  6. The Devil’s Duty 10:30

Released by Muzan Editions
Listen and buy the record here: bandcamp


Parks is the soundchild of Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach, who together form Odd Narrative.
Stepping back from the simple and infectious beauty of the tracks in Parks, one is further amazed at the sheer variety of methods and techniques that were used in the composition of this work. Vocal sampling, field recordings, tape loops, contact mics, voltage-driven motors, washes of gorgeous synths pads, from smooth to stuttering to drowned, radio transmissions, and much much more, give the listener a sense that the world surrounds us, and that it is open for play. Whether in the melancholy dirge of A Declining Day, the seasick stumble of Karl-Marx Straße, or the almost triumphant swell of Two Dreamers, the composition of each track seems to express an irrepressible optimism, a hope that—at least where music is concerned—this is not the end of imagination or creativity, and that there are more undiscovered worlds, unthought-of possibilities, to explore.


released November 15, 2018

Odd Narrative is Wouter Jaspers and Hainbach.
Recorded in 2018.