Nightingale Cities

by David Rothenberg

1-1The Boori Sound
1-2Dreaming Slow
1-3While Birds Chant Praises
1-4O Bülbul, Your Love
1-5The Nightingales Are Drunk
1-6Viktoria’s Dream
1-7Nightingale Cities
1-8Addicted To Birds
1-9She’s Finally Here
1-10At Midnight We All Waited
1-11I Cannot Go Home
1-12Exit Music
1-13Nightingale, You Are The One
2-1Elektro Repeet
2-2Sharawaji Blues
2-3Willow Wind
2-4No One Sings At Dawn Alone
2-5Ballad With Nightingale And Mosquitoes
2-7Sisichak Remix [for Emu]
2-8Alien Beauty
2-9The Morning Electric
2-10Sotavalta’s Satakieli

Released by Gruenrecorder
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From the label Gruenrekorder website:
Five years in the making, David Rothenberg’s Nightingales in Berlin project includes a book, a film, many live concerts, and this double CD, including a 20 page color booklet of stills from the film and music not available in any form online. Here’s what Rothenberg says about the project: “I used to make interspecies music largely on my own, seeing myself as some kind of individual explorer seeking out musical ideas with creatures we can’t even talk to. But in recent years I’ve decided that the point of musical contact with another species is to convince other people to join me. Over five years, from 2014 through 2019, I invited the best and most adventurous musicians I know to connect in musical collaboration—humans with nightingales, in Berlin and Helsinki”.



Recorded live on location in Germany and Finland 2014-2018 Mixed and mastered … at B Street, Cold Spring and NOTAM, Oslo. Photos by Ville Tanttu, stills from his film Nightingales in Berlin

24 Tracks (141′00″)
Double CD (500 copies)
20 page color booklet