The Sound of Mountains

by Various Artists

  1. Bastian Void – Ikoma (Glass & X’tal Ferrite Mix) 10:36
  2. Yolabmi – Dream on the Retina 07:45
  3. OVRSCN- Crash (I Dream of Fatal Car Accidents) 04:59
  4. Ryan J Raffa – The Sun Lit an Empty House 03:55
  5. Cheekbone – 夜窓 Yasou 03:55
  6. Nicholas Langley – Mountain of Sadness 07:49
  7. Chie Otomi – Insects to Dream 06:42
  8. Tristan Magnetique – Partikel 05:38
  9. Lee Noble – Wind Over Södra Järnvägsbron 04:05
  10. Wouter Jaspers – Ascent to Shōsan-ji 10:07
  11. Endurance – Mimeodrone 04:36
  12. Standard Grey – As the Sun Grows Stronger 09:33
  13. 編む (AMU) – The Call 09:06
  14. Hainbach – Walk of Errors 06:56
  15. Hideo Nakasako – Daydream 06:32

Released by Muzan Editions
Listen and buy the record here: bandcamp


We are happy to announce the release of our first compilation “Yama no Oto”, or “The Sound of Mountains”. This is the title we gave to our seasonal ambient party, held four times a year on the top of Mt Ikoma, and we are delighted for this compilation to share its name. The theme of this collection was inspired by the mountainous region in which we live, with its ever-changing weather, tremendous, windswept heights and calm, untrodden depths. We asked some of our Muzan family (past, present, and future) to give us their interpretation of this theme and the tracks we received evoke the sonic experience of mountains in many unique and inspired ways.
Our initial hope was to release this compilation as a double-cassette, however due to the uncertainty of our current situation we have decided to release it as a name-your-price digital download. The 2xCS release may still happen in the near future (wish us luck!) but for the time being we hope that this wonderful collection of tracks will provide you with as much enjoyment as it has us.
Sending lots of warm feelings and good vibrations your way from Japan.
Stay safe, well, and happy.


released May 1, 2020


Mastering by Marcus Miller
Design and layout by Standard Grey
Photography by Joshua Stefane

Our deepest gratitude to all the artists who worked on this with us. We love you all!