Neues Noise

by Various Artists

  1. The Jim Morrisons Black Dredger
  2. Staplerfahrer Display Of Arms
  3. Vincent Koreman Leef
  4. Puke Brigade Swim
  5. The Day The Black Man Died Religious Religions
  6. Barone Sanitation Tapping The Void
  7. Crank Sturgeon / Filthy Turd / Gastric Female Reflex Tilburg
  8. The Truth Is In The Eyes Of The Deer God Is Love
  9. Unsung Gospel Of Beaks Deliverance
  10. Death From Above 1979 You’re A Machine, I’m A Woman

Released by Vatican Analog
Listen and buy the record here: bandcamp


All the tracks are from forthcoming releases Vatican Analog. Limited to 50 copies.


released 2007