Preliminary Saturation

Preliminary Saturation
Wouter Jaspers & Steffan de Turck

Preliminary Saturation – We Live On Air And Air Alone (2008) by Wouter Jaspers

Preliminary Saturation is the electro-acoustic, free improv, drone-duo in which Dutch sound artists Wouter Jaspers and Steffan de Turck combine their forces. To some extent, both might be better known for their solo-projects: Franz Fjodor and staplerfahrer, respectively. Jaspers displays a fascination for the darker side of life; with self-made instruments he creates sounds that shippers between droning soundscapes, depressed noise and dark folk. His style signature varies with his mood: from psycho chants to punk screams, from guitar oriented drones to field recordings. De Turck plays around with crunched and broken (micro)sounds, electro-magnetic waves and noise. Sometimes in a back-to-basics analogue setting, other times solemnly using his powerbook. Every once and a while, they come together in the safe harbor of one of their living rooms, pop open a bottle of wine, light some cigarettes and start improvising as long as the mood is right.

Steffan de Turck, or better know as staplerfahrer is the artistic moniker for Steffan de Turck, a Dutch sound artist from Tilburg in the Netherlands, who plays around with crunched and broken sounds, circuit bended gadgetry and electro-magnetic waves… and some weightlifting with powerbooks along the way.

Or as he puts it himself:

“In the beginning of the nineties, while studying electronics and building my own oscillators and tone generators, I became more and more interested in sound as a pure physical event. Before, I was already tearing up my own electronic toys (or those of my sister) in order to find out what it actually was, what made that noise…Later on, this also evolved in circuitbending my own audio equipment: e.g. I transformed the internal amplifier of my first record player into a noise theremin… All the surprises I discovered by doing so, were my introduction into the world of bleep, click and crackle. From then on, my fascination for sound grew stronger and stronger, as did the need to process these sounds and apply them into an artistic/musical format… both live as in actual audio releases.”