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Vital Weekly (6th July 2010):

EZDANITOFF – KOMEET (3″CDR by My Own Little Label)

Frans de Waard found a new musician to create a new world of sounds. With Wouter Jaspers (also known as Franz Fjödor), Frans played a concert in Budapest, the capitol city of Hungary. But they did more than just performing and at their room of Hotel Ventura they built a temporary studio. With all their sound-equipment, like magnetic wave fields, crackle box, sound effects, contact microphones they recorded a piece of music. The composition starts with psychedelic sounds, voices of the Hungary radio and cracking bits of sound. Slowly the waves flood into a dark (almost ambient) long lasting piece of soundlayer. Other cracking sounds and voices enter the darkness and faded away in a more open range. The duo takes time to develop the compositions which makes this a strong 3″CDR. The releases of My Own Little Label are mostly little gifts of the musical adventures of Frans de Waard (and friends) and this gift is a beautiful one. (Review by Jan-Kees Helm)